ShapeTrainer 12Week-Supplementation-Program

    • When you achieve perfect vitamin & mineral levels you dramatically improve Your Level of Health,
    • You increase your ability to drop bodyfat & improve how you Feel + Perform in everyday life.

    • A specific system of testing, learning & applying.
    • Your Practitioner, will provide you with a weekly information pack, articles & support through social media - built up over 12Weeks.
    • You follow your supplement program & The ShapeTrainer Eating System to achieve outstanding results.


1) Online: Take the ShapeTrainer ParQ
2) In the Lab: Arrange a time & date for your blood tests with the ShapeTrainer affiliate lab in central London
3) In person: At SpringHealth Leisure, NW London
Or online: via Skype or Google Hangout - to review your results & begin your program.


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