7WBT Explained

What is it?
    • 7Weeks online coaching
    • The coaching is delivered to you via email & social media to bring about a body transformation.
    • You are given documents to follow including workouts, lifestyle coaching, The ShapeTrainer Fat-Loss Eating System, food choice & appropriate supplementation.
    • You train & apply the teachings on your own,but there will be a group of you starting at the same time.This acts as a support group & creates a community of health seeking people.
    • There is a supplement element to the program,which comes highly recommended-Total of 4 supplements will be suggested.

What will I have to do?
    • Each week you will be given documents to read.
    • You follow the coaching within those documents & apply them to your life.
    • Support is available 24/7 through email or the social media sites: Facebook, WhatsApp.
    • You will receive regular coaching around the topics for each week through social media interaction.
    • You will be coached to perfect your food diary & eating habits.
    • You can ask questions, interact with others on the same path as you & gain experience+ideas from the team & everyone in your group-or you can just apply the techniques & get on with it yourself! It's your choice.

What does it cost?
    • Total cost for the entire package is £700 However, IF you complete the criteria for the course then you will receive 50% of your money back after completion of the program.
    • Check out 'Course Criteria'
    • Total Recommended Supplement Investment = £282.
    • It is highly recommended you purchase all your required supplements upon registration to your course. This process will be explained once you are registered.
    • Total initial investment: £700 for course,
    • £282 for supplements,
    • Total cost of your 7week program if you meet 'CourseCriteria': £350 for course (£50per week), £282 for Supplements -Total 7Week-Program when you meet the course criteria £632.

What do I need to do while on the program?

General Overview of program
1. Train 4times per week-workouts will be provided.
2. Follow the guidelines exactly as explained for each week.
3. Strongly recommended that you do not drink alcohol for the duration of the program.
4. Ask questions through the methods outlined to clarify the techniques & processes.
5. Take on the challenges that occur & find appropriate solutions,with help from the group & the coaches involved running the program.

When is the next course start date?
    • Once you have made contact with our office you will be informed of the next start date.
    • The sooner you place your enquiry the more likely you will get a quicker start date to your course.
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