Bonnie Moore

Bonnie Moore
Bonnie helped me regain my fitness after the birth of my first baby, and also helped keep me in shape through my second pregnancy. Her workouts are motivating, challenging, fun & different every time. She uses a wide range of up to date training methods to keep things varied and interesting. Bonnie is knowledegable on both ante & post natal fitness and I felt I was in good hands.
Sue Cartwright, London

Roses are red violets are blue if it isnt training with Bonnie I wouldn't know what to do having worked with previous trainers, it wasn't until Bonnie was let loose on me that we identified the physical problems which she worked on to correct them
Tony Hyams

Bonnie Moore is a terrific trainer. She has the right balence of rigor and compassion so that each workout pushes me as far as I can go. Every day is a different program so it never gets boring. I am amazed at how much stronger I am now!
Annie Spar, 52, Hampstead

I have been going to the gym for years, and it was only after training with Bonnie that I realised how un-productive I had been, she has taught me its not how much time you spend in the gym, its what you do with that time, going on a cross trainer, sitting on a bike and spending 5 minutes on a rowing machine was never going to give me the results I wanted.

She is a really positive energy to be around, and gets me going when I can't find the motivation myself. She gets my heart rate up, gets me hot and sweaty and pushes me to do more than I could ever do on my own. When she gives me exercises to do she tells me what muscles I am working and why I am doing them, I have learnt so much about my body. I spend half the time, but now I am working harder than I ever used to as I can see the results! I went from not being able to run down the road to running a marathon, and I couldn't have done it without her.
Lucie Baker, 26, Marketing Executive, Virgin Trains

Bonnie is so down to earth and really easy to speak to so you are instantly relaxed, setting realistic and obtainable goals with her happens naturally, she is an amazing motivator and gets you working your arse off before you even realise it! She really knows her stuff and makes the session informative and enjoyable (and totally tailored to you) which really helps if you're like me and get bored very quickly at the gym. I only wish I could see her more!
Lucy Davenport, 31, Studio Manager, StuFish

I had been a member of the gym for some years, but found i lost my way with my training. A friend of mine was training with Bonnie and they recommended her to me. Within 6 months i had gained the muscle size and weight i wanted to and for the first time in my life, at 42, my abs were visible! The sessions are hard, but fun and varied too.
Mark Evans, 42, Financial Advisor, City

What can I say about Bonnie? I thought I knew everything about training until she shared & spoke her wisdom to me & showed me a thing or 2. My back ached & my flexibility was shocking. In her own words I was less flexible than a plank of wood. Now, not only am I more flexible, I am stronger, leaner & injury free. Thanks B. Keep the good work coming! ;-)
Demetrios Tsouris, 27, Crouch End
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