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2 highly recommended Indicators

TFK Indicator

Each of us has a different way of processing information which is a reflection of our physical, mental and emotional makeup. In communicating with one another we commonly make the assumption that others communicate in the same way that we do without recognizing that our personal preferences are as varied as our tastes for food, clothes or the people we like or dislike.

The Think Feel Know Indicator is designed to help you to understand your personal communication preferences and how best to use this knowledge in communicating with others and learning to recognize their communication preferences too.

Consider how often people feel they cannot get their message across and the anger and frustration they feel with others who apparently will not listen or cannot hear what it is they are trying to say. Have you attended meetings that never reach a decision or experienced heated arguments with your family and loved ones?

This is because we all employ a combination of the three different communication styles, our ability to think and process data, our feelings and our intuitive knowing all combine to create our personal profile. The Think Feel Know Indicator helps you and your clients learn your own communication profile, which will help you to improve and unify your communication in all situations -- personal and business.



To develop the lifestyle regime that's unique to how your body works, this introductory Indicator measures your natural body's biorhythm and preferences, providing you with valuable information around two key measurements: pace and metabolism.

Why is Fast Slow important?
By understanding your personal pattern, style and preference you can make choices about using your natural tendencies to their best advantage.

Fast Slow can influence:
+ The choices you make about the role you perform – in business, fitness or life in general
+ The types of decisions you make and how you make them.
+ How you like to exercise and what works best for you.
+ Your eating habits, diet and weight

These principles are used in sport to improve the performance of sports teams and in business to improve the efficiency & effectiveness of teams to improve business performance.
By understanding your body 'make up' you'll have more choice and control over your life. This increased awareness improves your personal performance and enables you to get the best out of yourself.