Ricky Gavin

Ricky Gavin

When training with Ricky my main goals was to improve muscle mass and strength whilst losing body fat. I was at a plateau i could not break past for several months. Ricky gave me a intense 8 week programme which at the end had all my lifts up by at least 10kg and i actually lost 5% of my body fat. If you want a firm but fair, friendly and knowledgable personal trainer, than i would highly recommend Ricky Gavin.
Sean Ali, Sales Manager

I have trained with Ricky for 9 months now and have seen some amazing changes to my body and fitness.
His ability to mix up workouts and use of cardio, plyometric, weights and high intensity techniques has helped me tone up and reduce body fat, and push me physically and mentally to beyond where I thought was possible - but all in a great way leaving me with that post workout buzz!
! Training with Ricky also teaches you the technique and methods for your own training so you can continue to work out effectively between sessions. Thanks Ricky!!!
Sam Levy, Doctor

When I hit 35 I thought it was about time to get my lazy self in the gym! I'd never been able to go regularly in the past, only managing sporadic visits here and there. Iv been going to the gym for over a year now training with Ricky. Him pushing me has made all the difference. He's reliable, knowledgeable, fun and most importantly I have seen the results I've wanted to get for years and never managed to knuckle down and get on with it... Because of training with Ricky My fitness levels have drastically improved and i have lost the body fat I wanted to get rid of !!
Aliki Adams, Market Research

I've trained with Ricky for the past two years and have really noticed a big change to my strength, fitness and muscle definition within that time. He takes the time to understand where someone's areas of weakness are and focuses on improving that, and sessions are a good combination of challenging cardio and strength training. Ricky always encourages you to push yourself further and ensures that workouts are varied, dynamic and fun!
Jane, Advertising Director

I have been training with Ricky 4 times a week for the past eight months. I have to say he is great. I always feel as if I have really worked hard. As well as seeing a definitive difference in both the appearance of my body and my fitness levels his sessions are really challenging. Ricky uses a variety of equiment and techniques to keep things interesting and fun. He has managed to acheive my goals without me giving up chocolate cakes and wheat, now that so rare for a personal trainer to acheive!! I look forward to my sessions with him.

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